Take the chance to escape from the bustle of life and the city and surround yourself with blue skies, fresh water and lush greenery. There are so many ways to enjoy it.

Escape to the mountains

Dreaming of a wild winter adventure, fresh tracks and far away peaks ? Hire an experienced guide for a day out in the backcountry. Skiing untouched snow whilst exploring the beautiful mountains of Niseko and beyond. From beginners to hardcore mountain goats there is a peak out there for you and the guide will do all the thinking whilst you get to take it all in.

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Ski an active Volcano

A tick on any snow adventurers bucket list has to include a Backcountry tour up Mt Yotei. The iconic Volcano sitting above the Niseko resort offers some of the best backcountry skiing in the area and for those with the legs, experience the thrill of skiing into the crater before blasting your way down the 1,800 meter face though open gullies and tight trees.

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Connect with Nature

Escape deep into the wild nature of Hokkaido's rivers and enjoy some of the best Fly fishing in Japan. The clean rivers and abundance and diversity of fish is what bring people back to Hokkaido time and time again, and if the fish aren't biting, don't worry the awesome scenery and adventure will still leave you satisfied.

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Scream from the mountain tops

The Niseko area has a variety of mountains to suit both the novice or advanced hikers. Summit the iconic Mount Yotei at dawn or climb the Annupuri peak and experience breathtaking views of the both coasts. With the long summer days and early sunrise, summer Hiking in the Niseko area is a great experience for all.

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