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Summer in Hokkaido

May 06, 2024

Hokkaido is a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts and families that want to see a side of Japan unlike any other. Here are some of our reasons to visit Niseko if planning to visit to Hokkaido.


Hiking in Niseko is a summer must-do, the area is surrounded by mountain trails for all skill levels.You can hire a mountain guide to help you choose the route most suited to your needs, or you can give it a try for yourself, it’s safe and a tonne-of-fun.

If it’s your first time we recommend starting off with a hike like Shinsen-numa, it’s perfect for families with small children and older couples looking for a fun experience with a beautiful view, the whole hike can take only 1.5 hours if you’re in a hurry.

For the experienced hikers and mountaineers we recommend heading for Youtei-san, with 4 trails to choose from depending on your skill Youtei is a full day hike, averaging 9 hours for the climb, exploration around the rim and descent back to the carpark.

Water Rafting, SUP and Kayaking

Water rafting in Niseko takes place along the Shiribeshi river, this 7km spread of water rapids mixed amongst some gentle stretches is an exhilarating way to spend a hot summer's day. In the middle of the tour there is the option to park up on the bank and enjoy a dip in a gentle part of the river.

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Distillery Tour

With several distilleries to choose from in the area, the choice really comes down to what you’re most interested in drinking and learning about.

Yoichi Distillery is one of Japan's famous whiskey distilleries, Founded by Masataka Taketsuru, and started distilling in 1936. Still to this day they maintain the original methods of distilling whiskey, the tour will take you around the original factory, ending with Whiskey tasting and optionally lunch at Rita's Kitchen.

Niseko Distillery was established in 2019, they started distilling whiskey in 2021 and opened their doors to the public to sell their own Ohoro Gin in 2021, the distillery tour will take you through the whiskey barrel rooms along with the gin distillery process.

Day trips

Within an hour's drive of Niseko you can enjoy some of Hokkaido's hidden spectacles such as waterfalls, deep lakes, fruit picking farms and beautiful, lush country side scenery.

Visit Otaru: a town famous for its canals, pottery and glass blowing shops, sushi restaurants and more...

Visit Lake Toya: Large waterfalls, lake activities like SUPPing and boat trips, hiking trails and great restaurants.

Noboribetsu: Also named Hell Valley is one of the largest onsen towns in Hokkaido, surrounded by sulphurous volcanic pits and geysers.

Whether it’s your first time visiting Hokkaido or you’re returning consecutively, there is always a new activity for you to explore. For more information on activities and adventures in Niseko send us an email and we will help you discover something new.

Kids Camps

Let the kids experience the best of nature whilst you unwind and explore the area. From week long nature education camps to golf camps, the kids will experience some of the best Hokkaido nature and fun filled days that will create a lifetime of memories.

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