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Niseko Portfolio COVID-19 Response

Protecting Our Customers

To ensure we can respond to coronavirus appropriately and protect all guests without compromising the quality and comfort of your stay, we have made a few changes to our operations.


  • Alcohol sanitisation stations provided at the entrance of each accommodation.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of all accommodations with extra attention paid to high-touch items and areas such as door handles, bathrooms, counter tops, remote controls etc.
  • Any printed matarials eg. Resort guides, magazines etc. will be discarded and replaced post check out.
  • Housekeeping limited to check in and check out cleaning unless by prior agreement.

Guest Services

  • Self check-in designed to limit face-to-face contact.
  • Imposed stringent guidelines to ensure all employees thoroughly disinfect/wash hands and wear masks before coming into contact with guests.
  • Informing all staff of COVID-19 updates so we can safely carry out assigned tasks and prevent any possible spread of COVID-19
  • Limited resort shuttle services and seating
  • In room digital concierge service
  • Remote 24 hour support

Food and Beverages

  • No buffet breakfast service will be available.
  • Dinner and breakfast reservations will be required in order to limit seatings.

Summer Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellations offered until 3 days before summer reservations (stay dates: 1 May - 31st October 2020).

Winter Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation offered for winter bookings made before 30 September 2020 (stay dates: 20 November 2020 - 31 April 2021).

Advice for Guests

  • Limit contact with staff and others during your stay.
  • Make use of the alcohol stations provided within your accommodation.
  • Make use of masks when in confined public spaces eg. supermarkets, convenience stores etc.
  • Monitor your health and notify our guest services staff immediately should you feel ill or experience these symptoms for help in contacting local healthcare providers.
  • Avoid public transport options and group activities and opt for private were you can.
  • Dining and delivery options to be provided in resort.

Stay Safe